our thoughts create reality and we are thinking about the wrong things.



yard shot

corner time

some fun in austria with hari.

some fun in austria with hari.

New song from a good friend Jordy (who we just made the new Soul Clap records ep together) and his friends- teaching us a lesson that if you kill one spider, a thousand more will come.

Jordy all my love and respect to you right now- can’t wait for the day when we can make more music together. know that im right there with you in heart and in mind :)


i seen you coming

this is some new work i finished with photos and video i shot while in Sao Francisco do Sul, Brasil. the subject Arnoldo is 82 years old, and in constant struggle with the land.
the song is about how we all need each other, and how we can all share the good side of life together!

i seen you coming :)


blue skies in florence

blue skies in florence

forever connected to this soil.


“come to surface”

some new material i am working on.


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