our thoughts create reality and we are thinking about the wrong things.


“the other day”

ts been about 4 weeks now, and so it goes…….
i was heading home, walking towards the Main Street Sky Train in Vancouver,
a woman was walking in front of me holding a shopping bag,
she seemed to be in no rush, just walking along = i headed for the stairs and she continued on
in all of but a flash of a moment-
and right before me eyes, this poor soul was hit by a bus at high speed and then dragged under it 😦
this was the first time i ever witnessed death right before my eyes,
to say the least it was challenging, but i decided to write music and do a little piece in her honor and memory.
the following is an original piece of me going to revisit the scene for the first time…..
this song and video is meant to carry the womans soul forever……
if you appreciate you can help by spreading,
all the profits i receive on this music sales i will donate to her family.
thanks for any help you can offer.
much love from Vancouver, Bc

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